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Five Reasons to Hire a Gap Year Student

Five Reasons to Hire a Gap Year Student

For a lot of students, leaving high school can be a daunting experience, especially if they haven’t quite figured out what they want to do with their lives and careers. That’s why taking time out and having a gap year can be so beneficial to young people. It doesn’t have to involve going overseas either, many people decide to work and earn money whilst they make important life decisions. As an employer, it’s a great opportunity for your business to hire a gap year trainee with ATEL. We talked to a couple of our trainees; Caitlin who’s working as a receptionist and Reid who’s working as a teacher’s aid, to give you five reasons to hire a gap year student.

1.   You’ll provide a young person with practical experience and skills

Gap year traineeships are valuable to both businesses and young people. It’s an opportunity for you to impart your business knowledge onto someone who is keen to work and learn. Caitlin says “This traineeship is giving me a year’s experience in full-time work, whilst I’m completing a Certificate III in Business. It’s giving me knowledge and qualifications to move forward after my traineeship.”

By passing on your industry knowledge, you’ll be giving students practical skills they’ll utilise for the rest of their working life. Learning in school is very different from working in a business environment, and that’s something you need to learn by doing. Taking on a gap year trainee will give them the communication, interpersonal, decision making and problem solving skills you can only develop from working with others. We’ve helped Reid “feel more confident during classes at university.” Reid says he “finds student teaching easier than others and I look forward to going on placement because I have spent a year in that environment and enjoyed working as a P.E. teacher”

2.   Your business will have an extra pair of hands

Who doesn’t want an extra pair of hands at work? It’s a competitive advantage that will free you up to take on more challenges as a business and help you expand, such as increasing service and product quality whilst meeting deadlines.

3.   We will find the best young talent for the role

We match students with the gap year employer that suits best. Pairing students with employers is extremely important because having an enjoyable workplace will ensure the student is enthusiastic and happy about going to work every day. We have ample experience in the recruitment industry and we pride ourselves on making sure the employer and employee are a good fit. We start by encouraging the student to identify what they’re interested in, what skills they have and where they would like to improve. We make sure the employer and students have mutual goals and objectives that will ensure business success. “I honestly had no idea of the industry I wanted to work in when I first met with ATEL. I told them I wanted an office or reception job and I didn't mind what industry, but they found me exactly what I was looking for and I have now discovered that I am going to continue working in Insurance Broking at the end of my traineeship,” Caitlin.

4.   Great if your business needs a short-term solution

Typically, gap year students stay in their trainee position for one year, whilst they work out their next career move. This can be great for a business that needs someone to do simple tasks that can be learned easily, but aren’t looking for a long time employee. Students will still learn valuable information and skills about the industry as they complete their gap year traineeship. Caitlin says it’s helped her a great deal, “ATEL have given me the experience and qualifications to move forward in this particular industry and I will be forever grateful as they have helped me work out what job industry I would like to work in in the future.”

5.   We provide a workplace mentor

Ensuring a workplace is successful takes a lot of regular communication from both the employer and employee. We provide a workplace mentor to ensure everyone is happy and to help resolve any kind of issues. It’s a great way to help students get feedback on how they’re working and the areas they can improve on. Darren was Caitlin’s workplace mentor, and she says “I’m thankful for the regular check-ups because it shows that ATEL genuinely care about their employees and if they’re happy and working to the best of their ability. Knowing you can speak to your mentor if something is ever wrong and if you need help makes you feel safe as an employee.”

Reid has also had a positive experience with his workplace mentor Peter, “ATEL has supported me with feeling comfortable at work.”

To find out how your business can benefit from hiring a gap year trainee, get in contact with one of our helpful staff members today by calling 1300 784 787 or filling out the form on the right hand side.