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Female Tradies Demolishing Gender Stereotypes

Female Tradies Demolishing Gender Stereotypes

“Bob the builder, can he fix it? Bob the builder, yes he can!” We’re only too familiar with the songs, sayings and ideas that all tradies are male. This isn’t surprising considering females make up less than 10% of tradespeople in Australia.

However things are looking up; there has been an increase in the number of female tradies in recent years. It is exciting to see increasing numbers of females in historically male dominated fields and this is great for Australia’s economic growth. Research has shown that increasing women’s participation in the workforce, especially in industries such as construction, has the ability to boost GDP by 11% and economic growth by $25 billion within the coming ten years. More females in trades will help alleviate skill shortages while reducing business costs.

What can we do?

Recent research showed that there was an increase of 10% in recruitment difficulties in construction-related occupations since last year. So how can we combat this shortage and encourage more females to fill these key positions?

Role models from parents, teachers and the wider community should support a clearly articulated vision for gender diversity. Increasing women’s representation needs a support system in place. It will only be when society recognises and accepts that these jobs are ideal for both genders that we will see equality in trade positions. “Ash the builder, can she fix it? Ash the builder, yes she can!”

There is a movement to improve wages for females in trades as well as informing school goers about manual trades as a career option. Many young women are not aware of the typically male dominated trades, so by helping them to learn more and making these options more accessible to them, the community can support females in trades. 

For Women who are interested?

Females should take advantage of the many benefits of working in the trades, including a diverse work environment, ample job opportunities and a higher earning potential. So how can women get started in this industry? Networking is important at every stage of your career, but especially when you’re first starting out. There is a real movement at the moment and getting in touch with like-minded women can create strength in numbers, creating more opportunities for women in the trades. Be confident in your ability and be sure to expose your strengths.

ATEL Supports Female Tradies

At ATEL, we pride ourselves in providing quality advice and support to you in your job search. We connect you with valuable career building opportunities to secure your future. For females who like the idea of a diverse work environment or are  thinking of joining the trades industry call 1300 784 787 for some friendly advice or check out our full range of job opportunities here.