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Benefits of Choosing a Career in Hospitality

Benefits of Choosing a Career in Hospitality

Choosing a career is never an easy task. Entering the workforce can be intimidating and confusing. Even people well stuck into their careers worry about job availability. Nobody wants to dedicate time to learning a skill that might be replaced by technology.

Which is why everyone, from students embarking on a career path to those who are looking for a change, should consider a job in hospitality. Within Australia, the restaurant industry alone is worth $12 billion a year, but hospitality jobs aren’t restricted to this industry. Hotels, cruise ships and conference centres also need staff. Positions run from entry level, all the way up to management. And as the tourism, restaurant, and leisure industries grow, more positions will be created, ensuring great job choice and stability.

Besides career security, there are many other benefits to getting a qualification in hospitality.

1. Traveling opportunities

Any town or city in the world that has a restaurant, a hotel, or a pub, will need hospitality workers. International travel is always on the table as well. Cruise ships, hotels, trendy bars all need staff, and with the proper qualification, you could travel to almost any destination. People from all over the world are drawn to careers in hospitality because it allows them to work whilst travelling. You’ll be able to travel around with confidence, knowing you they can find a job almost anywhere.

2.  No two days are the same

Because hospitality jobs are influenced by interactions with customers and no two customers are the same, Monday’s work might be completely different from Friday’s. You’ll interact with new people, be exposed to different cultures and learn to adapt quickly, all while earning money.

3. Fast paced

Office life is not for everyone! Perhaps you don’t want to be tied to a desk all day. While every job has its benefits, many hospitality positions demand fast responses, quick thinking and lots of movement. If you want a job that will keep you on your toes, allow you to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, look no further.

4. Flexibility

Working Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm not your cup of tea? Fancy starting around noon or maybe you prefer working on the weekends? Rotating shifts might be a better fit for you. Or you might want something that combines all different types of working hours. All these choices are readily available for hospitality workers.

5. Cross over skills

The ability to work with a team is a necessary skill for most jobs. Being able to act professionally while under stress and adaptability to new situations are also highly respected traits. Because these skills are paramount to the hospitality industry, you’ll learn them in spades. If you decide to try your hand at something else, you’ll have a great skillset to take with you.

So if you love the idea of meeting someone from the other side of the world, working in an industry that connects people from all walks of life, teaches teamwork, customer service and is constantly changing, contact ATEL today on 1300 784 787 to discuss the many types of hospitality roles.