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 Individual:  Take Advantage of a Gap Year Training Opportunity

Test Drive Your Career

Take some well-deserved time off your study and earn whilst gaining valuable work experience.

Take Advantage of a Gap Year Training Opportunity

Is a Gap Year Traineeships Right for You?

Not sure if you want to continue on with your studies or feel like having a bit of a break before throwing yourself back into studying full-time? Or perhaps you are looking to get stuck straight into your career? Gap Year Traineeships are a great way to test drive your chosen career to see if it’s right for you. Enjoy a bit of a breather fromt he daily demands of school, all while earning money.

Benefits of Completing a Gap Year Traineeship

Completing a Gap Year will open up valuable experiences that will help to equip you in making better decisions about your long-term career goals. You’ll also be a year ahead in your career, even if you decide to continue your education after your traineeship. All the new skills you learn will help provide a solid foundation for your working life.  

You’ll get first-hand experience working in a real work environment, experience working with a team and learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner. You’ll meet and work with different types of people and learn how to tackle challenges. All of this great training and you get paid as well! This preparation is key for future jobs. If you decide to continue studying after your traineeship, all these valuable skills will provide a solid foundation. 

After Completing the Traineeship

Upon completion, you will get a Nationally Recognised Certificate III. As you will be paid for a year’s work, you will also build up your independence income status for future financial support if you plan on continuing your education.

With positions in admin, law, finance, medical reception, general reception, general office work, office assistants, dental nursing, educational support and many more, we are sure to find a position for you. If you are interested in applying, fill out the enquiry form or give us a call today!