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Transport Chain of Responsibility

Drivers and operators have traditionally been the focus of road laws. However, breaches are often caused by the actions of others. Under the Chain of Responsibility, complying with transport law is a shared responsibility and the laws are designed to ensure people are responsible if their actions, inactions or demands could contribute to a road safety breach.

All responsible persons should take a risk management approach to their obligations in the Chain of Responsibility. This approach is consistent with other aspects of running a modern and successful business such as managing cash flow, work health and safety and the quality control of goods and services produced.

With over 20 years’ experience in the transport industry, our trainers at ATEL are dedicated to providing the best learning experience for you. This course will enable you to understand what responsibilities you have to road safety and how you can avoid causing or contributing a breach and being held responsible under Chain of Responsibility. By undertaking this course you will:

  • Identify and understand the Chain of Responsibility legislative requirements.
  • Recognise who can be held responsible.
  • Take management action to avoid road safety breaches.
  • Identify specific responsibilities of specific parties in the transport chain.

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Unit of Competency from Transport and Logistics Training Package: TLIF3093A Implement chain of responsibility regulations