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 Employer:  Gap Year Trainees - Motivated Employees for Your Business

A Great Business Solution

Benefit from motivated full-time employees and help provide a solid foundation for their future career.

Gap Year Trainees - Motivated Employees for Your Business

Deferring studies for a year is becoming more and more common. Many students are opting to work a year before continuing on with their studies and are eager to get real-world experience. Hiring a gap year trainee is a great business solution, because you will have a motivated employee for a fixed term. By providing practical experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to guide and mentor a young person in your industry.


Benefits of Hiring a Gap Year Trainee

  • They can turn into long-term employees. Whilst the initial traineeship is 12 months, they may decide to stay on, or come back after they’ve completed additional studies.
  • Highly motivated employees. They are focused and want to get all the hands on training they can get.
  • Influencing the next generation of workers. You’ll be shaping the future. By training them now, you are building the next generation of workers
  • Breath of fresh air. Inject some youthful energy into the working environment!


What You Can Expect

You get a motivated, fixed-term employee. And because ATEL is the legal employer, all the contractual obligations are ours. We will do all the paperwork, including paying the trainee their weekly wage. You also get great insight into new workers. If your gap year trainee is wonderful, you can choose to mentor them, offer them full-time employment, or offer support as they continue through their career.