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 Employer:  Hiring and Recruitment

Maximise Recruitment Values

It really doesn't matter what type of talent you require. ATEL hands you the tools to profile your ideal candidates.

Hiring and Recruitment

For organisations today, having the right talent at all levels of your business is essential. So having a recruiter who delivers customised talent acquisition gives you a crucial advantage. ATEL pioneers new levels of recruitment across all industries.

ATEL will help you maximise recruitment value across the entire employee lifecycle. We tailor affordable and advantageous recruitment solutions for:

Entry level roles

Whether you’re looking for a graduate, intern or school leaver ATEL will hand you the tools to profile your ideal candidates across a variety of industry. So you can spot your ultimate recruits immediately. Our popular online job portal gives you the means to reach your dream candidates 24/7. All without detracting from daily business and productivity. ATEL even helps you develop your entry level talent through targeted training matched to your individual business needs. Ask us about our training needs analysis and customised training schedules.


Apprentices and trainees

Accomplished apprentices and trainees can be powerful business assets, particularly when teamed with ATEL’s unique apprentice and trainee leasing program. Enjoy newfound administrative freedom by leveraging our lease option.

ATEL will handle all the legwork so you have the human resources you need.

We’ll take care of:

  • Advertising, interviewing and recruitment
  • Employee administration from superannuation to payroll
  • Legal obligations like OH&SIndustrial Relations or WHS compliance
  • Apprentice or trainee training requirements.

ATEL even includes a dedicated apprentice/trainee mentor and a full employee replacement guarantee in the unlikely event your apprentice does not work out.


Mid to senior level roles

Mid and senior employees are often hard to find but are a crucial part of any business. ATEL secures and aligns mid to senior level talent to your specific strategic goals, who can hit the ground running. Our comprehensive knowledge assists us in finding the most suitable  management team for diverse industries; government, trades, telecommunications, construction and beauty therapy to name just a few.