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Smart Planning Means Power

Unlock your full business potential through end-to-end workforce planning tailored to your unique requirements.


Building a stronger workforce begins with having the right support. ATEL unlocks your full business potential with end-to-end workforce planning, tailored to your unique requirements. We deliver individualised human resource consultancy, aligning HR practices with your business objectives to create a lasting impact for your organisation. Select standalone services or a fully integrated solution:

Assessments and interviews

Set your talent pipeline on a strong growth trajectory. Matching roles with the right people as well as the right skills is crucial, because your talent must fit with your organisation at large. Not just the role at hand. Trust ATEL to empower your talent sourcing with a strategic assessment and interview structure. All customised to match the primary success drivers of your specific business. ATEL hands you a complete talent assessment, selection and development solution.

Talent assessment and coaching

Every prospective talent is an individual, whether they are an apprentice starting out or an executive stepping up, so 360 degree candidate assessment should be foremost in your talent pipeline. That means knowing precisely how well individual talent will fit with and return long-term value to your organisation. It also means pinpointing any skill or developmental gaps from the outset.

Reap maximum return on your top talent investment through intensive executive coaching. Every executive from CEO to entry level manager is more effective with in-depth 'on the job' intelligence. That is just what ATEL executive coaching delivers. We help executives identify then control their management 'blind spots' and adeptly balance people management with organisational politics. Plus much more besides.

Sales team effectiveness training

Every business has a sales element. Bespoke business sales training is mission-critical to increased client conversions and revenue. ATEL recognises that no two businesses are alike. So conveyer-belt sales training simply will not do. Every business is distinct in its culture, systems, strategic approach and account management. Sales take place within this unique business environment. That is why ATEL draws all business-specific influencers together in a customised sales team effectiveness training solution. One that revolutionises the way sales training is viewed and delivered.

Certainly sales effectiveness is about boosting business profit. Yet truly successful sales go beyond mere revenue to build an empowered, expert sales force. This is just what ATEL sales team effectiveness training does. We ingrain proven sales practices into your team and culture in ways that are meaningful to your specific business. Opportunity management is a focal point of our training. So your team learns how to close sales quicker and maximise every conversion opportunity.

Count on ATEL sales team effectiveness training to take your sales force and performance to new frontiers. Our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary trainers make results their driving force. Relevant results to your specific business that is.

Cultivating positive career transitions

ATEL is a positive change agent supporting your business and the departing employee with exceptional outplacement and career transition services. We have been doing this for diverse organisations across metro and rural Australia since 1983. Our many satisfied clients include industries such as banking, airlines, pharmaceuticals, utilities and IT services. We are equipped with a vast national recruitment network and experienced career coaching pool, so you can enjoy an even higher standard in outplacement and career transition services. No matter what your needs you’ll benefit from:

  • Flexible program delivery tailored to individual support and budget requirements
  • Experienced career coaches equipped with maturity, empathy, industry accreditations and in-depth Australian job market knowledge. Many of our coaches have personally undergone career change or retrenchment, so they can swiftly build rapport with and knowledgably advise your departing employee
  • Focussed one-on-one support to attentively guide you and your employee

Perhaps not all departing employees will see our career transition program through to completion. Yet the door does not shut on their departure. Should their next career move not be what they hoped we welcome them back into our program. Support is always on hand when needed.

Cutting edge compliance

Safety is a core consideration of every business and industry. ATEL is your complete compliance partner for OHS and WHS. Whatever your business or industry, we equip you with proven compliance frameworks and practices matched to your needs. Our services encompass:

  • WHS system implementation support
  • Hazard identification and consultation
  • 'Toolbox talks' covering general safety or an elected topic like manual handling or infection control
  • On-site inductions
  • Sign-off of Safe Work Method (SWM) statements plus policy and procedures
  • Return to work management

Rigorous compliance should be within easy reach of every business. So we offer a free initial consultation (valued at $500) in which we establish your unique business needs. Our WHS system will be fully tailored to your business and encompasses a minimum of four sessions. The length and cost of your sessions will vary depending on your individual system.