Support for adult australian apprentices

Support for Adult Australian Apprentices Payment


The Australian Government realises that people aged 25 and over and doing an apprenticeship are likely to have financial responsibilities such as a mortgage, a loan or their childrens school fees to manage. This can be difficult, but to make sure you can still train for the career you want the Australian Government has introduced the Support for Adult Apprentices initiative.
The Support for Adult Apprentices initiative is a direct payment to either an employer or Australian Apprentice aged 25 and over when the apprentice starts their trade apprenticeship. The Support for Adult Apprentices payment is paid either directly to you, the Australian Apprentice to boost your wage or to your employer to subsidise wage costs.

Am I eligible?

You or your employer may be eligible to receive the Support for Mid Career Apprenticeship payment if you are aged 25 and over, and you have started an Australian Apprenticeship at Certficate 3 or 4 level in a trade experiencing a skills shortage.

How much is the payment?

The payment to eligible australian apprentices is set at $150 per week (up to a maximum of $7,800 per annum) in the first year and $100 per week (up to a maximum of $5200 per annum) in the second year. The weekly rate for part time Australian Apprentices is $75 per week for the first 24 months and $50 per week for the second 24 months.
The payment to eligible employers is set at a one off payment of $4,000 at the 12 month point.
You or your employer will be able to apply for this wage subsidy through your Australian Apprenticeship Centre. Payment for an eligible australian apprentice will be made monthly via direct credit into a nominated bank account.

Who will get the payment?

It will depend on how much your employer is paying you and the industrial arrangements of your industry. Contact AusNAC on 1300 784 787 for further information.

Contact ATEL AusNAC on 1300 287 622


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